The stylish look ensures the Barner 2.0 Computer Glasses are compliant to your personal style

The stylish look ensures the Barner 2.0 Computer Glasses are compliant to your personal style

Barner is a new eyewear brand from Barcelona whose motive is to protect your eyes from the dangerous outcomes of blue light emitted with the aid of digital gadgets.

There are numerous man-made sources of blue light, which includes fluorescent and LED lights, laptop screens, smartphones, tablets, flat-screen televisions and other virtual gadgets. studies display that overexposure can harm light-sensitive cells within the retina over time, which can lead to permanent vision loss later in existence. It is able to additionally make a contribution to digital eye-strain.

Sadly, the human eye is not very good at blocking off blue light. Clearly it all passes via the cornea and lens and reaches the retina. This is due to the fact this is the very best energy wavelength of visible light that may penetrate all the way to the back of the eye. Consequently the chance.

Recollect this. Most of the people spend nearly nine hours an afternoon in the front of digital gadgets. This is more than we sleep at night time. The results range from minor facet-consequences consisting of crimson or dry eyes to extra serious situations, which include the disruption of sleep.

This is where Barner comes in. Created by three young professionals, these specs filter out blue light which brings much needed relief to your eyes, reduces headaches, and increases melatonin production allowing you to sleep better. Put these glasses on and you can take pleasure in knowing that your eyes will last much longer than the smartphones, tablets or computers you are looking at.

And don’t worry. You are not going to put on an oversized set of geeky specs. With three different models to choose from, the frames are 100% handmade with premium Italian Mazzuchelli acetate. They also come in 9 different designs.

Barner 2.0 Computer Glasses Price

The Barner 2.0 computer glasses, now available to back via Kickstarter with early bird pledges available from €49 offering a 30 percent saving off the recommended retail price.