Tap strap Bluetooth wearable keyboard is designed to fit on our fingers

Tap strap Bluetooth wearable keyboard is designed to fit on our fingers

In the near future, you could no longer want to the touch your phone, tablet, or keyboard whilst you need to type. That’s the concept at behind of the Tap Strap, a wearable Bluetooth keyboard that converts finger moves into keypresses, so you can tap out messages using any surface as a virtual keyboard.

Don’t assume a visual spark off, or a few laser-projected keyboard to manual you. It’s all achieved using gestures. You start with the aid of setting on the tap Strap. It slides over your palms like a glove and is crafted from a gentle smart-cloth that has sensors internal to analyze finger moves. It could go on both hand, or you may wear two for faster two-handed typing.

Tap Strap Bluetooth Wearable Keyboard Design

The tap Strap is an innovative Bluetooth enabled wearable keyboard that simplest weighs 0.91 lbs. As we will see from the pictures, the keyboard shows off an extremely compact and light-weight design, and unlike any keyboard available on the market, it capabilities a unique knuckle-like layout, and a flexible and adjustable design lets in it to readily stay on each user’s fingers. Meanwhile, two non-compulsory sizes make certain it is able to suit for more wearers, and it’s made from TPU for a soft and durable creation.

Tap Strap Bluetooth Wearable Keyboard Features

As soon as wearing Tap in your hand, you may be capable to turn any surface into a keyboard. Just tapping one or more fingers at the floor, you may effortlessly type on any Bluetooth-enabled tool together with laptop, tablet, smart tv, desktop computer and more. Moreover, the tap also works as a computer mouse. All you want to do is go with the flow your finger to transport the cursor and tap your palms to click. Furthermore, it comes with a battery case that not only holds the wearable keyboard in place, but also offers on-the-go charging.

Tap Strap Bluetooth Wearable Keyboard Price

The Tap strap Bluetooth wearable keyboard is priced at $179 USD. If you are really interested in this new Bluetooth Wearable Keyboard and want to grab it, then jump to the Amazon page for its more details.