The $99 3D Sound One Module fastens to your over-the-ear headphones using a black rubber band and then connects to your iPhone, iPad, or PC using Bluetooth. The company says the 3D Sound One Module comes with ‘nine axis motion sensors’ to track your head movement. Music played through the One Player app — that supports every major audio format except for FLAC — will play back in surround sound, according to 3D Sound Labs.

The app or the Windows driver, in combination with the 3D Sound One Module, are able to virtualize several acoustic sources in space and emulating the multi channel sound of a movie, which the user perceives as multiple sources of sounds, as along with real electro-acoustical immersive installations. The head tracking sensors are able to read the slightest motion to render a precisely localized 3-dimensional sound.

The company is selling the 3D Sound One Module directly on its website for 99 Dollar. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store for all iOS devices, and the Windows (10 and 8.1 compatible) driver can be downloaded on also for free. 3D Sound Labs is licensing the tech and provides an SDK for anyone interested in developing their own apps.

The sound module is said to run for at least eighteen hours. A micro USB charging cord is provided, along with a one-year warranty when your purchase the 3D Sound Module from 3D Sound Labs.