MYZOO spaceship gamma wall-mounted cat house makes your kitty feel like an astronaut

MYZOO spaceship gamma wall-mounted cat house makes your kitty feel like an astronaut

The Myzoo Studio Spaceship collection Cat Beds were designed as a lineup of stylishly simple answers for puppy owners to combine into their living space when seeking out a way to offer their feline friend a devoted spot to rest.

Inspired by using the aesthetic of spaceships, the beds are each designed to give cats a place to relaxation either at the ground, an present piece of fixtures or maybe at the wall, if set up. This helps cats to experience extra at home in their living area, whilst also helping to decorate the cultured appearance of a domestic with a hint of campy intergalactic goodness.

The Myzoo Studio Spaceship Series Cat Beds come in three style options including the ‘Alpha,’ ‘Beta’ and ‘Gamma.’

MYZOO Spaceship Gamma Wall-Mounted Cat House Design

The Spaceship Gamma is an innovative and fantastically crafted cat residence that measures 65 x 42 x 42cm and weighs 15kg. As we will see from the photographs, the cat house shows off a minimum and easy appearance layout, and the transparent dome-fashion window makes it appear to be part of a spaceship. Meanwhile, the tube-fashion frame is crafted from plywood for a durable construction, and the exterior sports activities fantastic wood grain.

Unlike the ordinary cardboard cat residence at the ground, the Spaceship Gamma cat residence is designed to be installed at the way with the intention to supply your cat a cozy and quiet dwelling surroundings, and its 4 air holes on the frame create higher air flow and reduce the echo that could motive in a surrounded space. Furthermore, the obvious acrylic window presents a cozy environment by way of giving your cat a miles wider eyesight.

MYZOO Spaceship Gamma Wall-Mounted Cat House Price

The Spaceship Gamma cat house is priced at $135 USD. If you are really interested in this new Wall-mounted cat house and want to grab it, then jump to the Amazon page for its more details.