Medium is adding a major new update to its mobile apps for iOS

Medium is adding a major new update to its mobile apps for iOS

Medium has introduced a new way of telling stories at the platform. The feature is referred to as “series”, and storytellers can hold including playing cards to a series through the years. The slides in a series may be tapped to go to the subsequent card, similar to Snapchat memories. however, unlike Snapchat memories, series are continual, and do now not disappear on viewing. series is bendy sufficient that users can add a number of slides without delay, or push out a series right away understanding that more slides might be received in the destiny.

At a time when Medium is still fumbling towards a enterprise model, the launch of collection represents a brand new method for increase. by means of constructing its first storytelling device local to the telephone, the organization is making an attempt to seize folks that don’t write the lengthy, text-based pieces for which Medium is known.

Series feature

The new “series” function lets users create mobile stories the usage of textual content, photos, and GIFs, with video coming soon. Readers can swipe thru the posts card by means of card within the vein of a Snapchat story — a social sharing function that has additionally been copied by using Instagram and its determine company, facebook. but collection differs from the stories you’d find on those systems, in particular due to the fact a serialized tale on Medium ditches temporality. In that feel, it also resembles the Moments device presently available on Twitter (of which Medium chief Evan Williams is a co-founder).

At the reader facet of factors, customers can set a notification for every time a series is updated by means of the writer. The development via a chain is stored, so a user can usually go back to a series in which they stopped tapping through. The characteristic is available on Android and iOS, and has already been rolled out. customers must replace the Medium app on their smartphones, or set up the app to get admission to collection.