Genki Bluetooth audio receiver supports all Bluetooth headphones

Genki Bluetooth audio receiver supports all Bluetooth headphones

Nintendo Switch gamers who would love to use their personal headphones to pay attention to audio even as playing with the Switch cellular video games console is probably interested in a new adapter created through Human things referred to as the GENKI. The Bluetooth audio receiver offers a premium USB type-C, Bluetooth five, aptX Low Latency, multi-pairing audio transmitter, that lets in you to connect your favorite headphones to the transfer games console.

Genki Bluetooth Audio Receiver Design

The Genki is an easy-to-use and practical Bluetooth transmitter designed for Nintendo switch. The audio receiver measures 38 x 20.3 x 8.6mm. As shown inside the snap shots, it features a light-weight and ultra compact design so that you can without problems shop it for your switch sporting case for portability.

Genki Bluetooth Audio Receiver Features

Genki Bluetooth audio receiver comes prepared with a USB-C connector that can be effortlessly connected along with your transfer, and built-in Bluetooth 5.0 technology not simplest helps any Bluetooth headphones, but also lets in you to attach a Bluetooth speaker with your switch for better audio overall performance. Furthermore, its aptX codecs make sure it delivers sub 40ms latency in order that the wired-free audio always synchronizes together with your gaming. Furthermore, with the 2 buttons on Genki categorized 1P and 2P, the audio receiver is capable of flow stereo audio to two separate headphones for multiplayer help. Further, Genki is powered immediately with the aid of your Nintendo Switch, it only attracts 0.02 watts, that’s less power than the built-in audio system.

Genki Bluetooth Audio Receiver Price

The team behind Genki is raising fund for the invention via Kickstarter. We can pledge $39 to preorder the Bluetooth audio receiver for Nintendo Switch. It will be shipped in November 2018. For a full list of all available pledges jump over to the official Kickstarter campaign page.