Fitness trackers for your whole family. Yes, even your kids

Fitness trackers for your whole family. Yes, even your kids

2018 is sure to be a transformative year for the new technology events we’ll see more fitness tracker for children, but it has now. The Fitbit Ace is specially designed for children 8 and up, according to the company: it’s designed to inspire children, and also be some thing that families can use to hold lively together. It turned into announced alongside Fitbit’s new lower-priced smartwatch, the Fitbit Versa.

Fitbit Ace Kids Activity Tracker Features

The aim for Fitbit Ace, the organization says, is to inspire children to build behavior around being physically energetic from an early age. Parents can use the Fitbit app to track their children’ activity levels and hours slept, and approve the contacts kids can upload to share their activities and reward badges with. Fitbit says Ace account will now not be allowed to join the social component of the regular Fitbit app, which we could share photographs and exercise summaries in an Instagram-like feed. Kids may also be limited to just 10 watchfaces they are able to use to personalize their fitness bands, Compared to the hundreds available from third-party builders for Fitbit Ionic and Versa. Just like the Alta, the Ace is showerproof and advertises a battery life of up to 5 days.

Fitbit Ace

Much like the older Fitbit Alta, the Fitbit Ace can track steps, sleep and widespread exercising. It has a button-free tappable display that doubles as a clock, and could have up to ten watch faces to pick from. It may not track heart rate, and it can not be worn even as swimming (it is “splash-resistant” for sweat and showers).

Fitbit Ace kids activity tracker Price

The Fitbit Ace is essentially a lite model of the Alta, its cost of $99.99 is kind of equal as what the grownup version currently sells for (Alta’s original MSRP is $129.99 when it got here out in 2016) It’s to be had for preorder today in colors — pink or blue — and it’s going to deliver in Q2 this year.