Enjoy your music all day long with the SonaBuds 2 Pro Long-Lasting True Wireless Earbuds

Enjoy your music all day long with the SonaBuds 2 Pro Long-Lasting True Wireless Earbuds

Most true wireless earbuds declare maybe six hours of playback time before they want to go back into their charging case to top up, but the Sonabuds 2 pro go way beyond that, claiming up to fifteen hours of playtime on a single charge. Those earbuds keep your music going during the day and night on a single charge. The SonaBuds 2 Pro also offer 74 hours of overall battery life while you use the protected charging case. The magnets effectively align the earbuds with the charging case for an excellent suit. Likewise, the charging case features magnets inside to maintain the earbuds in place. Utilizing Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0, the wired-free earbuds auto-pair along with your device instantly. Furthermore, you won’t experience any lag at the same time as using the earbuds, permitting you to concentrate to track or watch films without interruption. The earbuds also function dual-channel stereo name, so that you listen to your conversation with both ears. Thanks to its IPX6 rating, the weatherproof earbuds can withstand rain and splashes.

What’s More

Manufacturer Dashbon says that a brand new Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chipset is the purpose that the earbuds are both smaller and plenty more efficient — in conjunction with an optimized antenna layout. The Sonabuds 2 (non-pro) use a Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, which debts for the best difference between the two. Both models are IPX6-licensed water-proof. We haven’t had the risk to really try these earbuds for ourselves, so we can’t say how the ones claims hold up, but if those earbuds emerge as being everything they are saying they are, we’ll be impressed to say the least.

SonaBuds 2 Pro True Wireless Earbuds Price

The Sonabuds 2 will ultimately retail for $100, but whilst the Indiegogo marketing campaign is lively, they’re available at an early bird discount price of $50. The Sonabuds 2 pro, which are in all likelihood the ones you want to head for, will retail for $150 when they launch, but the early bird bargain for campaign backers gives for simply $90. This discount is restricted to 500 backers, however if it sells out, a bundle with the Sonabuds 2 pro sells for simply $10 extra at $100.

The Indiegogo campaign was initially seeking just $10,000, but has already raised more than six times that amount. There are still more than two weeks left in the campaign, so there’s plenty of time to get in.