DOOGEE had decided to crowd-fund its new smartphone via Kickstarter

DOOGEE had decided to crowd-fund its new smartphone via Kickstarter

Chinese manufacturer Doogee has hit Kickstarter with an lower priced and feature-rich rugged Android phone. The S90 is water-proof, shockproof, dustproof and notably modular, with clip-on add-ons for night time imaginative and prescient, walkie-talkie, extended battery and gaming use.

Doogee S90 Rugged Modular Smartphone Features

The night imaginative and prescient digicam Module is one of the DOOGEE S90 modules, and it’s intended for use for the ones of you who love midnight photography. This module is “capable of illuminate even pitch-black scenes”, says DOOGEE. This module comes with a 12 instances light touchy telephoto lens, an f/1.eight aperture, and a 131-diploma huge-angle lens. On pinnacle of that, IR correction competencies also are part of the bundle.

The second DOOGEE S90 module is called “5,000mAh Power Module”, and as most of you assumed by its name, this is basically a battery module for the device. This module comes with a 5,000mAh battery, and when you add that to the phone’s existing 5,050mAh battery, you end up with a 10,050mAh battery overall.

The third module turns the phone into a walkie-talkie, and it’s called “Powerful Digital Walkie-Talkie Module”. This module is based on the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard, and its frequency ranges from 400 to 480MHz. It comes with a super high sensitivity of 120dBm, and a communication distance of between 6 and 10km. This walkie talkie supports both private and group calls, notes DOOGEE.

The last module that DOOGEE made for the S90 is called “Professional Game Module”, and it’s basically a joystick module which connects to the device via Bluetooth. The company claims that it offers a comfortable grip, and that its buttons are quite tactile and responsive.

Doogee S90 Rugged Modular Smartphone Price

The best surprise – for now, anyway – is the price. US$299 gets you an S90 phone in Doogee’s Kickstarter earlybird pricing, and you can get a phone plus power, walkie talkie and night vision modules for US$399. It’s an aggressive 40 percent off pricing strategy that’s already seen Doogee hit 900 percent of its funding goals. Deliveries will begin next month if all goes to plan.