A reading list for newcomers to the tech sector

A reading list for newcomers to the tech sector

To make your company a success in the competitive world of tech in 2018, doing your own research is essential.Knowledge is power in business, and in the rapidly evolving sector of technology, staying ahead is critical. To help stay up to date with the latest processes and innovations, browse this reading list. From making the optimum working environment for creative minds, to determining the world’s next consumer-changing trends, there’s a lot you don’t know yet about entrepreneurship and the tech industry…

The Lean Start-Up

Read this book to glean an understanding of how you can launch and run a start-up in 2018 and beyond. Offering real examples of setting up a new business, you get a great insight into how to make a success of your business and avoid the typical pitfalls.

The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future

The best part of The Inevitable, by Kevin Kelly, is how it paints a picture of ways in which technological forces will overlap, mix and come to co-depend on each other — crucial to know if any of these trends relate to your business.

With this great read, find out how advances in tech impact on consumerism. Questions like this is what The Inevitablestrives to explore. Want to prep your company now for the customer of tomorrow? Then, get ahead of the game.

The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross

This bestseller by Ross offers an extensive insight into your industry’s most important advances, from cybersecurity and robotics to genomics and big data, using input from global leaders.

Alec Ross’ position as a former senior advisor for innovation in the US government, helps bring great attention to detail to his writing. His extensive travel has given him access to the some of the most powerful people in business, and his book is packed with astute observations regarding opportunities for growth and the unknown tech forces that are changing — or will change — the world.

Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World

This fantastic book is delivered in three key sections, offering a wonderful source ofknowledge to anyone who is new to the industry and wanting to grasp everything they need to know to get ahead. The first section gives you an incredible insight into how start-up companies are today going from ‘initial concept’ to ‘multi-million-pounds status’ quicker than ever, and how tech — like 3D printing and androids — might be influencing this trend.

Within the book, Richard Branson also offers some handy advice on running a business. This includes tips on creating lucrative campaigns designed to rocket your start-up to the top. A must-read for the big dreamer.

The Upstarts

Reading this illuminating book, you find out how the two giants, Uber and Airbnb, began and developed to become two of the most respected and innovative brands in the world.Like Uber and Airbnb, can your company change how people shop, buy and live?

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