You can now play PC games on your 4K Samsung Smart TV without Steam Link Device

You can now play PC games on your 4K Samsung Smart TV without Steam Link Device

Streaming your PC video games to a TV is not a new concept, however you generally have a set-top-box doohickey plugged into the set. However now you can play PC games in your 4K Samsung smart television without having to buy a steam link device, thanks to the brand new Steam Link app.

The beta version of the Steam Link app support 1080p video at 60fps, along with 4K streaming support promised in the future. Similar to the Steam link set top box, this new app enables for customers to move games from their Steam libraries to play on a Samsung smart television, assuming they have got a sturdy enough community connection to pull it off. Valve itself suggests being on a 5GHz frequency, though a greater powerful computer can also now and again assist to improve streaming performance slightly.

You furthermore might want a Steam controller as it is the only gamepad supported at the minute. There are plans to feature support for extra controllers in future. It’s also presently most effective available to proprietors of 2016 and 2017 Samsung smart TVs inside the US. There may be no indication yet as to whether or not it is going to be rolled out similarly.

Valve introduced its partnership with Samsung at its Steam Dev Days convention in October. This new app was then quietly rolled out inside the US last week.

Judging from a number of the feedback at the Steam network publish saying this app, the beta take a look at is only available within the US for now. There’s no phrase on if the test will increase to other regions, however the desire is that after app clearly enters into complete launch, it will likely be to be had anywhere Steam is. keep your hands crossed on that front, we assume.