US is considering banning all carry-on laptops on flights from Europe

US is considering banning all carry-on laptops on flights from Europe

The Donald Trump administration is now considering extending its ban on tablets and laptops to include flights from Europe. This rule change would represent an expansion of previous regulations banning carry-on laptops and tablets on flights from some Middle Eastern and African countries. The official announcement is expected Thursday. You can also read about other vehicles services at

The action would extend a limited ban that was put in place in March. At that time, the US and Britain barred passengers traveling through airports in ten Muslim countries from carrying laptop, tablets, computers and other devices larger than cellphones aboard direct inbound flights. The bigger items were to be stowed with checked luggage.

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‘No final decisions made on extending the restriction on big electronic devices in the aircraft cabins; however, it’s under consideration. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continues to evaluate the threat environment, it’ll make changes when necessary to keep air travelers safe’.

All is speculation at this point. It’s also unclear whether any restrictions would be two-way, or if, like the recent ban, it’d only apply to flights into America. Britain also imposed the same limitations on the devices soon after the American one was introduced, though it covers very fewer countries. That suggests it’s privy to the same intelligence as its cousin across the pond. For this reason, the British government’s reaction to any extension of restrictions to flights from its shores will be telling.