The SFANS portable dock acts as a bridge between your Switch and your TV

The SFANS portable dock acts as a bridge between your Switch and your TV

Over on Indiegogo campaign, you’ll discover the SFANS docks that try to take the functions of Nintendo’s own bundled dock and reduce it all the way down to a extra transportable and viable size. Even though it isn’t always clearly a “dock” in the feel that it is a station that holds your switch, the functionality continues to be the same. The SFANS dock is largely acts as a bridge among your Switch and your TV, connecting in your transfer thru USB-C and the television through HDMI.

Sfans Dock Design

The Sfans dock is flexible adapter dedicatedly designed for Nintendo switch. The Nintendo switch adapter works as an unique Nintendo switch dock, however it capabilities a far extra compact and lighter form element, so that you can effects positioned it to your pocket for easy sporting. Whilst connecting along with your switch, the transportable adapter will never scratch the screen of your treasured switch. Moreover, the adapter also features a decent look design that remains steady with the properly-acquired hybrid recreation console.

Sfans Dock Features

The Nintendo Switch portable adapter has the same function as the original dock, but you can more conveniently enjoy the TV mode whether you’re at home or in your friend’s house, and it also supports 1080p resolution at 60fps. Furthermore, the adapter comes equipped with two USB-C ports and two USB 3.1 ports. In addition to charging your Switch during gaming, it can also charge the handles or connect to Internet via USB adapter.

Sfans Dock Price

The team of Sfans has efficaciously performed the fund intention on Indiegogo, however you can still pledge $59 to preorder the Nintendo switch transportable adapter. The adapter changed into anticipated to ship in August 2017.