The Samsung NW700– a slimline 3.1-channel sound bar

The Samsung NW700– a slimline 3.1-channel sound bar

Television makers these days are looking to make their products nearly impossibly skinny for the motive of making them combo with walls. At the same time as they’ll have succeeded in doing that, the price they occasionally need to pay is in sound, that is either too weak because of the small space, or first rate however must be routed to cumbersome audio system, breaking the illusion. Samsung can also have the answer inside the new NW700 Sound+ soundbar designed to flawlessly go together with your first-rate thin Samsung television however nonetheless has sufficient space to pack its personal woofer inside.

The new soundbar will succeed its predecessor, the MS650 Sound+, and will come with a host of improvements to it. This includes distortion-cancelling features, wide-range tweeters, and multi-speaker control. It also measures 53.5mm thick, meaning that it is relatively thin compared to some of the other soundbars out there, which Samsung has done on purpose in order to make it suitable for wall mounting, especially under Samsung’s own lineup of televisions.

Samsung NW700

Just because the NW700 Sound+ is thinner, that doesn’t mean that Samsung has decided to skimp in the sound-quality department. This model builds upon the MS650 Sound+ soundbar, which we happened to like quite a bit. Like that model, the NW700 Sound+ includes a built-in subwoofer, so you won’t have to worry about making space for a subwoofer somewhere in your living room.

The NW700 is a three-channel sound bar that includes a bass driver onboard, as opposed to an external subwoofer. It replaces the MS650, which was Samsung’s first sound bar with this design, but it was twice as thick. The Samsung NW700 uses digital signal processing the company calls “distortion canceling” to prevent bass frequencies from distorting.

Samsung has not yet announced when the NW700 Soundbar Sound+ will head to the market. But those who want to see, or rather hear, its promise and are in Las Vegas next month could head over to Samsung’s booth at CES 2018.