The iPhone Xc concept phone delivers a charming appearance design

The iPhone Xc concept phone delivers a charming appearance design

Four years ago, in late 2013, Apple introduced a new iPhone that was unlike others: the colorful, plastic iPhone 5c. With its “unapologetically plastic” design and bright colors, the iPhone 5c was different than the typical, “serious”-looking metal phones that Apple is known for. And it was also more affordable.

So… what if Apple revived the iPhone 5c concept with a colourful new version of the iPhone X, an iPhone “Xc” of kinds?

Martin Hajek, the designer of the all-screen iPad X came up with the iPhone Xc, a concept phone that features the iconic design languages from iPhone X and iPhone 5c, so the concept iPhone shows off an all-screen design with no home button, and it also has a vertically arranged dual-lens rear camera. Furthermore, similar with iPhone 5c, its plastic back cover features multiple bright color options: white, red, yellow, blue and green. The usage of plastic material, the handset should come with a more approachable price. After the break, check out the image about the design concept.

iPhone Xc

This particular iPhone Xc idea sticks with the gloss plastic finish of the 5c and with the neon colors, but with the overall styling of the iPhone X and with the notch. It’s not hard to think up advantages of such a phone: one obvious practical benefit of the imaginary plastic iPhone Xc is that you don’t need to worry about a glass back cracking and you don’t need to worry about that $550 repair fee that Apple charges for an iPhone X’s cracked back. Plus, with that colorful plastic back, you might even skip using a case, just to see those cheerful colors more often.

One of the other benefit to a polycarbonate body would be increased durability compared to the current fragile, all-glass design of the iPhone X, and it would also work well with wireless charging.

Perhaps most significantly of all, a plastic iPhone Xc might be some far more durable than the iPhone X, that is blanketed in glass from the front to back. And in case you did drop your cellphone and crack the plastic casing, it might be substantially cheaper to repair. There’s no world wherein an iPhone Xc would truely exist, however it’s a fascinating concept.