Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker Deliver Ultra High Quality Audio

Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker Deliver Ultra High Quality Audio

Samsung has recently announced a latest wireless speaker which features an ultra high quality UHQ audio. The newly announced speaker dubbed as the Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker and it claimed to offer 32-bit high quality sound performance. To deliver the best audio quality and low bass, Samsung H7 is able of going down up to 35Hz, according to the company.

The speaker has a sleek metal finish with premium looks, which is enough to attract and fascinate the people. At the top of the speaker, there is a two wheel to let you control the speaker volume. The wheel does not only adjust the volume but with the wheels you can select a playlist from the streaming audio services.

Unfortunately, the newly arrived speaker does not come with the support for any smart intelligence assistant as the Google Home and Amazon Echo does. While the reports suggested that the Harmon new speaker will come with the Microsoft Cortana visual assistant. So we can say that the Samsun H7 is a regular wireless speaker because it won’t come with smart voice assistant.

As I mentioned above that the speaker comes with an ultra high quality UHQ audio tech, which makes it to upscale audio sources up to 32-bit output. The benefit of using this technology in wireless speaker is that it will make it speaker sound quality to come closer of the original recording. The company also said that it has developed its own audio algorithms for even more sound improvements available in the H7 Wireless Speaker.

There is no word for other specs and features because company has not announced yet. Whenever the company will give other details about the H7 wireless speaker we will update you. And there is also no information about the pricing details and availability.