Nebula Mars Portable WiFi Projector Lets You Enjoy Multimedia Content

Nebula Mars Portable WiFi Projector Lets You Enjoy Multimedia Content

Being able to watch television shows or films faraway from home is easily possible using a phone, tablet, or pc. But the use of one of these devices manner compromising on screen size, audio satisfactory, and bounds how many people can sit down collectively and enjoy the display. Anker ambitions to repair that trouble with a new range of transportable projectors being offered below the Nebula brand. Which every body knows and loves, and this is the enterprise’s first device on Amazon, known as the Nebula Mars.

Nebula Mars Portable WiFi Projector Design

The Mars is a high-performance, WiFi enabled portable projector that measures 4.8 x 7.01 x 5.43 inches and weighs 6 lbs. As we can see from the pics, the WiFi projector sports a graceful and smooth look design, and the compact form element allows you to deploy it anywhere you need. Meanwhile, the transportable WiFi projector has an incorporated strap, so you can quite simply move it from one area to every other.


Nebula Mars Portable WiFi Projector Features

The portable projector comes geared up with a 3000 lumen LED lamp, and it functions 1280 x 800 decision and 4K playback, so you can get a exceptional 800p photograph with greater comparison. mMoreover, the Mars also features integrated dual 10W JBL audio system that bring you room-filling, rich and colourful audio.

The usage of built-in WiFi, the portable projector seamlessly streams multimedia content out of your iOS and Android devices, which allows you to observe your preferred videos or play mobile video games on an as much as one hundred fifty-inch screen. moreover, its HDMI input and USB 3.0 port also allow it to paintings with other devices like laptop, Apple tv, USB flash force, hearth tv and extra. Aside from these, its 19500mAh rechargeable battery gives up to a few hours of continuous playback between charges.

Nebula Mars Portable WiFi Projector Price

In case you would like to own this all-in-one cinema projector, then the Nebula Mars portable WiFi projector is already to be had to shop for for $599.99 on Amazon.