Microsoft Paint 3D App For Windows 10

Microsoft Paint 3D App For Windows 10

Microsoft recently launched the updated version of paint called Paint 3D app at windows 10 event in New York. The newer Paint 3D app will available for Windows 10 users and Microsoft claims it will be available for free to 400 million Windows 10 users early next year. The Paint 3D app available to download from the Microsoft Store.

Paint 3D loaded with tools focused on making 3D image. With Paint 3D app users can take photos and turn portions of the photo into 3D objects, or turn a 2D doodle into a 3D image. The long pencil and pen tool works on any 3D objects. There is a new Magic Select tool which removes the background of the image. Also stickers can be applied on 2D images to turn it into 3D.

“Take an object from the real world, capture it in 3D, edit in Paint 3D, share it out to the web, bring it back into your world as a hologram or take it into a virtual world,” writes Megan Saunders, General Manager, Windows Experience Group, in a blog post published in “We are also making it easy to create in 3D from scratch,” he added.

Along with the app, users can also share work in a new online community that comes with a focus on Minecraft. Microsoft will also launch a Remix 3D website where people can share 3D images they have created, to build up a stock image database that anybody can tap into. With the Windows 10 creators update, you will also be able to export your 3D creations from Minecraft into the Remix 3D database. And you will also able to share your creations directly to Facebook.

By using Paint 3D app users will be able to interact the captured objects in 3D via a smartphone camera. The feature will be available soon on Windows 10 mobile devices and it will be coming to IOS and Android as well.