8i partnership with Sony Pictures to add Spider-Man holograms to the app

8i partnership with Sony Pictures to add Spider-Man holograms to the app

Holographic capture startup 8i unveiled its Holo app for iOS and Android and the company also announced that they teamed up with Sony and marvel to permit customers to feature holograms of Spider-man to videos filmed with the app in order to promote Spider-man.

8i first introduced Holo in February as its take at the developing augmented reality trend. Holo is essentially a camera app that can be used to record movies, whole with the addition of photo-realistic 3D holograms. customers can sincerely pick out the hologram of their desire, and then add it to something they are recording.

However there are troubles with Holo’s simplicity. For one, the objects can not interact with the arena you are setting them into. The app is not spotting surfaces or mapping the world, it’ is just remembering usually where you positioned the object in order that in case you shrink back or circulate round, the hologram remains particularly positioned.

Holo is powered via 8i’s proprietary generation, which transforms video of human performances into 3-D holograms that appearance real and may be viewed from any angle. 8i Holo will launch with numerous holograms that can be delivered to movies, including different fictional characters and even celebrity impersonators.

To use Holo, you upload a individual into the digital camera view, begin recording, and the holograms will appear as if they are there in real life.

The 8i Holo app is available for download now on Android and iOS. Spider-man: Homecoming is due out in theaters July 7.